Why do we prefer ETFs over stocks?

Here are some reasons why we prefer ETFs over stocks;

  • They trade just like a stock; can buy/sell them when the markets are open
  • There are over 1,500 different ETFs traded in the U.S and growing all the time
  • ETFs are available for different market segments and indexes
  • Index tracking ETFs provide protection against price shocks
  • ETFs DPR System works with track and mirror major market indexes such as;
    • Meaning if the entire market goes up, the ETF goes up and vice-versa
  • ETFs are available as double or triple leveraged; resulting in doubling or tripling the tracked index
    Example: If NASDAQ-100 goes up 1%, a triple leveraged ETF that tracks it goes up approximately 3%
  • DPR System works with highly liquid ETFs that are worth 300Million to 1Billion+
  • Can be purchased on Margin