I am not receiving daily signal emails?

DPR subscribers receive a daily email which is sent from the email address john@howdoitradestocks.com with the subject line ‘Portfolio Update for DATE’, where DATE is the date the email is sent.  For example on April 10, 2015 the email subject line was ‘Portfolio Update for Apr 10th, 2015’.

If you just signed up for the DPR System and haven’t started receiving daily subscription emails then it might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Subscription confirmation – upon signing up for the DPR service, you receive a subscription confirmation email. You won’t start receiving the daily emails until your subscription is confirmed.  To confirm the subscription, click on the confirmation link in the subscription confirmation email.  This email has the subject line ‘Please confirm your subscription to the DPR at HowDoITradeStocks.com’.
  • Junk/Spam – the emails might be ending up in your junk/spam mailbox.
  • Email schedule – emails are sent at the end of each business day. If you confirmed your subscription over the weekend you will have to wait till Monday evening to receive the first email.

If you were previously receiving the daily emails and all of sudden stopped receiving them, then it might be that inadvertently the subscription has been removed.  In this case please contact us to be re-added.