How can I sell an ETF or a stock?

If an email signal is received to sell a stock/ETF, first log on to your account to confirm the signal. Once the sell signal is confirmed in your brokerage account start a new sell order and fill it out as follow:

Order FieldValues (Example)Details
Symbol/Stock/InstrumentQLDThis is the ETF/stock you want to sell.
Quantity/Shares15This is the number of shares of this instrument you want to sell
Price-Leave this field blank
Transaction/Sell/BuyBuySelect the option ‘Buy’
Order/Entry TypeMarketN/A
DurationGTCDuration is always GTC” (Good Till Cancelled –
this means that the order will remain open until one of two things happens. Either the order gets filled OR
we physically cancel the order)
Preferred ECNAUTOOptional field - this field is available with Questrade but might not be with other brokerages.

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